Friday, June 3, 2011

This blog was created to show a more positive and happier side. I apparently am not very good and writing about whats good and only seem to want to write when things are poor. So here goes..... the beginning to the blog called....Makes me smile.

Things that make me smile lately....

~finding a new great song
~getting a hug from a student (especially ones that rarely show it)
~even better, getting a gift of dental floss from a student because she knows that I love it. Plus a sticker of a frog flossing that says "I love to floss"
~flossing ; )
~taking a bite of tiramasu
~watching NCIS and now Bones
~finding great deals at a yard sale
~playing with my friends' kids (and being referred to as Aunt Ashley)
~talking to my parents
~spending time with my best friends
~Addison Road in concert

I hope to add more and way more often. I am very blessed and thankful for the gifts in my life.

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