Sunday, July 31, 2011

Filing and grand finds

So, last year I was told I would be moving to K.  I came to grips with it and started packing up.  My filing cabinet was one of the first things I packed so I would be sure things got where I needed them to go....Well about a week before school got out, I was told I was staying in first.  Although I am thrilled, I have had to unpack.  Here is a before and after picture of one of my file drawers.

Great posters left from the previous teacher.....In honor of Water for Elephants (a very disturbing movie)

Circus time anyone?  We'd love to check with American Pickers to see if these posters are worth anything.

Wow....One of my favorites found.  


  1. Just found your blog - welcome to blogging! :)

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  2. Hello!
    I see you found stuff from the 1960's...LOL, the reason I am laughing is because 19 years ago I was 'left' over 20 theme a new Kindergarten teacher I was thrilled! In the old Boot boxes I found paper doilies (sp) from a store called TG&Y...I remember TG&Y from when I was a kid. I also found posters like you did. Eventually (19 years later) I cleaned out my closet and donated so much stuff to the new teachers at my school. If you aren't goig to use it ...toss it!
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  3. I can't believe that picture of Bambie wow? Nice finds!

    The Hive