Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hello to my 8 followers.  I'd love to really get my blog going, but there is so much I need to learn.  My first do I center my title?  Better yet, how do I make one of those super cute banners?  Thanks so much.  I hope to share many more pictures and ideas from my classroom soon.


  1. Ashley...I have great news for you! You won my painting giveaway at my blog Hopping Along in First Grade! Be sure to email me at so we can decide what you want painted. Congratulations!!!

  2. The banner thing took me a while..but if I remember you have to go to design and it's under template designer then advance..then add with the number part mine is set at 800...most are set at 650....before you play with it..copy the original html code that is there and replace it if you mess it up....It took me a while to get Google has a great HELP file right there too!