Friday, July 22, 2011

School Supplies

So, I am completely addicted to reading teacher blogs. I've spent countless hours reading them since I first found them. I have talked about blogs now to all of my friends and posted to our school's facebook wall to check them out. I want to share and write more on my own, but feel intimidated. Hmmm..... Well, lets start here with my other addiction: school supplies. I love love love school supplies. I am even more of a fan of the Target dollar section and the amazing Dollar Tree. I'm pretty embarrassed by the pictures I am going to share, but feel that fellow teachers will understand. Soon I hope to share specific details for the plans for my purchases.
Oh my!
Not by the hair of our chinny chin chins! I love this felt hats I found at Micheals for $2. They will be a great addition to our week long study of the various Three Little Pigs stories. Our dramatic ending is for students to act it out.
I love Dr. Seuss. Check out these silly bands I plan to give to students to day they register with some sort of cute saying. Any suggestions?
Ahh....the new huge eraser I found at The Dollar Tree. We all make mistakes, but we can always start over.


  1. Cute finds! Love the felt hats!!

  2. Very cute hats! I'm running to the Michaels by my house to see if they have any. Thanks for sharing.